Lucy Ziurys

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Professor, The University of Arizona

Lucy Ziurys is a Professor of Chemistry/Biochemistry and Astronomy at the University of Arizona.  Dr. Ziurys has led a successful laboratory spectroscopy effort since 1990. She has measured high-resolution spectra of numerous species that has led to their interstellar detection, including hydride molecules such as SH+. All of these measurements were conducted with spectrometers built exclusively in the Ziurys group, which includes three mm/sub-mm/THz direct absorption spectrometers and one Fourier transform microwave/mm instrument. She has also pioneered the synthesis of exotic free radical species containing refractory elements such as iron and phosphorus, including a technique coupling a DC discharge with a laser ablation source. Ziurys has managed her lab for over 25 years, including the PhD theses of over 20 students. She has also been Director of the Arizona Radio Observatory (ARO) for over 10 years and successfully managed the move and recommissioning of the new ARO 12 m telescope.

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