DeWayne Halfen

Posted By on Jun 29, 2015 |

Assistant Astronomer, The University of Arizona

DeWayne Halfen has performed laboratory rotational spectroscopic studies of CD, 13CH, AlH, AlD, CrH, CrD, MnH, MnD, and SH+ in the Ziurys group as Co-I on prior NASA Laboratory Astrophysics grants. He has designed, built, and operated several mm/sub-mm/THz spectrometers and a Fourier transform microwave/mm instrument. He has developed new methods of gas-phase production of metals and phosphorus for production of molecular/radical species. As a postdoctoral associate and assistant astronomer in the Ziurys group for the past 9 years, he has helped manage the operations of the Ziurys laboratory, as well as assist with the mentoring of multiple graduate and undergraduate research assistants.