Dante Minniti

Posted By on Jun 28, 2015 |

Professor, Andrés Bello National University, Chile

I am a Full Professor in the Faculty of Exact Sciences at Universidad Andres Bello in Chile, and and Adjunct Scholar at the Vatican Observatory, Italy. As an Astrophysicist my broad research interests are: Extrasolar Planets, Astrobiology, Globular Clusters, Stellar Populations, Stellar Evolution, Gravitational Microlensing, Galaxy Formation, and Galactic Structure. I use the world’s best telescopes in order to search and characterize extrasolar planets using a variety of photometric and spectroscopic techniques (radial velocities, transits, microlensing). As Principal Investigator of the VVV Survey (www.vvvsurvey.org), I am particularly interested in finding and studying exoEarths that lie within the habitable zone of low mass stars.