SAG15: Science Questions for Direct Imaging Missions


This page provides the final SAG15 report status reports and documents in support of the development of the EXOPAG Study Analysis Group 15: Science Goals for Future Direct Imaging Missions.

The general goal of the SAG15 Report was to collect and organize community input on key science questions for future imaging missions without focusing on specific mission architectures or assumed capabilities. This goal allowed our report to identify  important medium- and long-term science questions. The SAG15 report excluded the discussion of biosignature searches (covered in the ongoing SAG16 study), but included the identification and characterization of habitable planets.

More details on the scope of the report are given in the SAG15 Charter.

The SAG15 study was completed in June 2017. The report was led by Daniel Apai (University of Arizona).

SAG15 Report

Overview of the Science Questions identified in SAG15

The final SAG15 document is available here in PDF format.














SAG15 Development: Details on the development of the SAG15 report, including all drafts and relevant presentations can be found on the SAG15 Development Page .

SAG15 Supporting Documents:  SAG15 Charter   ADS Library for SAG15-related publications