NExSS Winter School

Arizona Winter School group photo by Kevin Conklin.

Arizona Winter School group photo by Kevin Conklin.

The NExSS Arizona Winter School was held at Biosphere 2 in Oracle, Arizona February 21st – 26th. The school was co-organized by our EOS team and the ASU NExSS Team; the organizing committee was co-chaired by D. Apai and S. Desch.

The school included lectures on planetary habitability and the connections between planetary interior and the atmosphere, hands-on activities, and a field trip. It was held at the UA’s Biosphere 2 station.

The school’s program was coordinated with the topics covered by the Workshop Without Walls in the week preceding the school. The key topics covered included: exoplanet observations, physics and chemistry of planet formation, atmospheres and biosignatures, physical behavior of planetary materials and planetary structures, thermal and chemical evolution of planets.

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Photo Albums

Biosphere 2 was a great location for this fun workshop – check out the photos!

Organizing Committee


Daniel Apai (Univ. Arizona) and Steve Desch (Arizona State Univ.)  (Co-Chairs)
 and Rory Barnes (Univ. Washington), Sara Walker (ASU), Patrick Young (ASU), and Thomas Zega (Univ. Arizona)

The NExSS Arizona Winter School was co-organized by the ASU-NExSS “Exoplanetary Ecosystems” Team and The University of Arizona’s NExSS Team “Earths in Other Solar Systems (EOS)”.


We acknowledge support from the NASA Nexus for Exoplanet System Science (NExSS) and the NASA Topical Workshops, Symposia and Conferences programs.