NExSS Webinars

NASA has brought together an international team of experts, spanning a variety of scientific fields for an unprecedented initiative called the Nexus for Exoplanet System Science, or NExSS Coalition. together these prominent research communities will collaborate and share their perspectives, research results, and approaches in the pursuit of one of humanity’s deepest questions: Are we alone?

The NExSS Webinars are a way to facilitate that collaboration.

October’s Theme

“Characterizing Volatiles from Evaporating Rocky Planets”

Thursday, October 29, 2015
10:30am MST
The University of Arizona
Steward Observatory
 – Room N305

The theme for this webinar is “Characterizing Volatiles from Evaporating Rocky Planets.” Each presenting group will tell us more about their team and their contribution to and thoughts on this month’s theme.


Natalie Batalha, is an astrophysicist at NASA Ames Research Center and the Mission Scientist for NASA’s Kepler Mission.

Steven Desch is an Assistant Professor and a theoretical astrophysicist  at Arizona State University.

Jason T. Wright is an Assistant Professor of astronomy and astrophysics at Pennsylvania State University.

Refreshments will be served

To participate virtually, contact Jeanne at 520-626-6525 or