Other Earths Dinner April 19, 2016

Other Earths Dinner April 19, 2016 – Register online

Join a group of University of Arizona experts for a dinner on April 19th to discuss their search for Earth-like exoplanets and extraterrestrial life!

 Is t here life beyond the Solar System?
Which nearby planetary systems have Earth-like planets?
Which of these may be inhabited and how can we search for life on them?

NASA has recently selected The University of Arizona-led team Earths in Other Solar Systems as one of the key teams spearheading a large interdisciplinary research network studying the habitability of planets around other stars. Our team is using the largest and most powerful telescopes to study forming and mature exoplanetary systems, state-of-the-art laboratory measurements to explore the formation and the origins of organic molecules in space, and super-computers to model the assembly of Earth-like planets.

The EOS team invites you to meet with local experts and learn about the progress toward finding life beyond the Solar System.

The Other Earths Dinner will be preceded by a series of three Other Earths Public Lectures on March 21, April 4, and April 18, 2016.

Register online for dinner. Pre-purchased tickets are required for this event.
Tickets include reception and 2-course dinner

Questions? Contact Jeanne Davenport at davenpoj@email.arizona.edu or (520) 621-0529